Modern Family Toddler Drops F-Bomb



Despite protests from groups like the Parents Television Council, “Modern Family” aired an episode on Wednesday in which the show’s adorable two-year-old character, Lily, uses the f-word.

The kid actress, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, did not actually utter the expletive (she was asked to say “fudge” for the taping), but that did not stop watchdog organizations from complaining about the repeated bleeps.


“It is certainly in poor taste. The more we see and hear this kind of language on television, the more acceptable and common it will become in the real world,” Parents Television Council official Melissa Henson told FOX411.

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Eric Stonestreet – the actor who plays one of Lily’s dads on the show – downplayed the controversy on Twitter.

“For fornication sake people! Again, how bout actually SEEING what you’re against before u r so STRONGLY against it,” he wrote before the broadcast, referring to the grievances of the Parents Television Council and other groups.

After the show aired, Stonestreet tweeted, “And now the ‘I feel really stupid for making something out of nothing’ feelings set in for the people who made something out of nothing.”

What do you think about the big hullabaloo raised over Lily swearing?

Check out the video below!

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