Mark Wahlberg May Visit Notorious Gangster Whitey Bulger in Jail (AUDIO)


Mark Wahlberg might visit Whitey Bulger in jail.

The Contraband star says the notorious Boston gangster, who was caught last year after 16 years on the run, recently reached out and asked him to meet.

Wahlberg told Boston’s WAAF radio on Friday, “He wants me to come down and visit him. Maybe he’ll give me the exclusive rights to tell his story, ’cause he knows, you know, we can do it better than anybody else.”

The Dorchester native said his “heart goes out” to the families of Bulger’s victims, but added, “If there’s a story to be told there, and, you know, we can do it in the way we want in the way that we best see fit… then it’s certainly something that we would explore.”

Many family members of the victims were upset that the actor is considering meeting with Bulger, who is accused of participating in 19 murders before fleeing in 1995.

Wahlberg starred in Martin Scorseses The Departed, in which Jack Nicholson played a Bulger-like crime boss.

What do you think about Wahlberg possibly making a film about Whitey Bulger?

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