Mariah Carey Clears Up Media Confusion: That’s Not My Mom!


Apparently, some outlets are confused about basic biographical details of Mariah Carey’s life.

Like who her mother is.

Earlier this month, Carey stopped into jeweler Joan Boyce’s shop, or, as some reports put it: “Mariah’s parents’ jewelry store.”


The two women laughed at the mistake on Twitter on Friday.

Congratulating Carey on the BET Honors, Boyce wrote, “Did you see they called me your mom again? it’s so silly! You only have one mom and that’s Pat Carey.”

The younger Carey was equally baffled, responding, ”You’d think after she sang the duet with me last year & performed on my ABC Special in front of millions, people would get it!

Carey then tweeted a link to the video below of her singing next to her REAL mom – talented vocalist Patricia Carey – on that show in 2010.

We hope this settles any lingering confusion for sites having a hard time fact-checking.

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