Madonna: Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” is a “Redo” of “Express Yourself”

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Nearly one year after Lady Gaga released her single “Born This Way,” Madonna is finally commenting on claims that the song bears more than a few similarities to her own hit “Express Yourself.”

When she first heard the track, Madonna recalls, “I thought ‘What a wonderful way to redo my song.’”

She tells Newsweek, “I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was… interesting.”

After Gaga debuted the song last February, many fans and critics felt it borrowed its melody and theme from Madonna’s 1989 single.

Earlier this year, Gaga herself addressed the controversy during an appearance on “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” where she said she’s “the hugest fan personally and professionally” of the pop icon.

But she also claimed Madonna and her team were “sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single. And if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be.”

Now, it seems, Madonna is singing a different tune.

What do you think of Madonna’s comments?

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