Kim Kardashian on KKTNY Finale: “I Don’t Want To Be Married Anymore” (VIDEO)



Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries begins its final stretch on part one of the “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” season finale.

The show, which in recent weeks has chronicled the demise of the couple’s relationship, picks up with Kardashian having little interest in Humphries’ sister Kaela when she comes for a visit.

“It’s gonna be hard to put on a happy face,” Kardashian says, given the tension recently between her and her husband.

As Kardashian – who didn’t know Kaela was coming to New York – distances herself, Humphries’ sister takes it personally and leaves town earlier than planned.

“I’m sure she’s over your ‘too busy for anyone’ attitude,” Humphries chides Kardashian.

To make matters worse, Kardashian’s decision to meet with medium John Edward, whom she hoped would connect her to her late father Robert, doesn’t seem to please the NBA player.

When Kardashian complains about the issue, Kourtney tells her sister, “I don’t think normal people hate the people that they’re with this much.”

After the emotional meeting with Edward, where the topic of divorce comes up, Kardashian breaks into tears.

“I don’t want to be married anymore,” she reveals to Kourtney just before the episode ends.

The drama appears to reach its climax next week, on part two of the season finale.

Check out video the video below!

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