Kim Kardashian Grosses Out "Live With Kelly" Audience With Tales Of Her Skin, Body Makeup

It literally took all of thirty seconds from Kim's introduction at the start of the show for the conversation to deteriorate into discussions of laser hair removal, psoriasis marks on Kim's legs, and the pains wearing body makeup. “Thank god your chairs aren't white,” Kim shared with Kelly, who replied, “I'm this close to getting black sheets at this point because there's makeup everywhere. It's NOT pretty.” Thanks for the 9am overshare, ladies.

Kim is the first of a string of lady co-hosts that will grace Regis' old chair over the next few weeks. After Kim, Kristin Chenoweth, Cat Deely, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Mary J. Blige will appear as co-hosts for the rest of the week.

Watching the entire episode did end up being worth it for this single perfect moment during the animal segment:


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