It Costs $400 To Get Callista Gingrich's Hair, But We Can Do It For Free

With some graphics help from Amy Sly you can “Callista” yourself right now with just your webcam.

Callista Gingrich's hair has made increasingly frequent appearances on the campaign trail in recent months, prompting observers to wonder how it is the way it is. Perfectly coiffed platinum helmets don't exist in nature, and the maintenance of that hairstyle can't be cheap.

Thanks to a Slate article from December, we know how long it takes to get Callista'ed: four hours. But how much does it cost? According to receptionist who answered the phone at the Andre Chreky salon in D.C., where Gingrich gets her hair done, the dye job will run $300 or more. Gingrich gets her hair cut with Andre, which costs $90. Repeat every six weeks or so and add on the cost in money and time of daily upkeep -- hairspray, blowouts, and the like; it's an expensive proposition, though nothing particularly out of the ordinary for a wealthy political wife.

Take a photo with your webcam, and then use the Photo Editor at the bottom of the page (next to the blinking arrow) to put give yourself Callista's hairdo.


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