Iranian Actress Banished For Posing Nude In France

Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani (you may know her from performance in The Leonardo DiCaprio-Russell Crowe movie “Body of Lies”) recently posed nude in French magazine Madame Le Figaro and in a video put out by the academy that gives out the César (the French equivalent of the Oscar). She has been told by her home country that she is no longer welcome back.

The photo, originally taken for Madame Le Figaro, began causing a giant uproar once it was posted to her Facebook page, which has nearly 500,000 fans. Thus far the comments have been hostile and wide-ranging:

"FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION,,, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ,,SCREW ALL MULLHs & Akhonds who thinks women are 2nd hand citizens."

"how can i digest about your stupid activities .... It's for actress career fight or for women's right i don't know... but my heart broken with your nude photo shoot ...."

"It's a shame when you see that the Persian art has been transformed from great poetries and legendaries like Hafez and Sa'di to some nasty and nude "art". And its even more sad when you see that a large number of people actually like it. Do you think nudity is part of a freedom that Iran lacks? if you think so, i deeply feel sorry for you guys!

"its photoshop"

Along with the photo, Farahani appears in this video from the people who give out the Césars (the French Oscars). She appears at 0:29.

Shortly after it was posted Golshifteh Farahani told the Daily Telegraph that she was informed by Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance that she was no longer welcome in her homeland and could "offer [her] artistic services somewhere else."



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