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Here’s what some of the big winners at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards had to say backstage…

CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER, Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical for Beginners

The actor, who in Beginners played a man who comes out to his family after his wife dies, slammed the anti-gay protesters outside the Beverly Hilton.

“We’re all exactly the same… It’s part of the human condition,” he said, adding “I abhor” the anti-gay movement.

LAURA DERN, Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical for “Enlightened”

The actress had supportive words for controversial host Ricky Gervais.

“What I love is that the audience is equally supportive of what he does,” she said.

Asked what she collects, Dern replied, “Nice memories and dresses.”

KATE WINSLET, Best Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Movie for Mildred Pierce

The multi-time winner refused to address reports that she’s competing with Lindsay Lohan to star in an upcoming Elizabeth Taylor biopic.

But Winslet did reveal her dream role: “I would like one day to play a man… It would be the ultimate challenge.”

KELSEY GRAMMER, Best Actor in a TV Drama for “Boss”

The actor said “there’s a lot on my plate” – because he and wife Kayte Major are expecting twins!

As for the former “Fraiser” star’s transition from comedy to drama, Grammer said, “It’s really the same thing. They say comedy is harder and it is.”

MADONNA, Best Original Song in a Motion Picture for “Masterpiece” in W.E.

Elton John, who was also nominated, predicted Madonna would lose. Now she hopes John “speaks to me.”

“He tends to get mad at me,” she said of beating the music legend.

Madonna also shared that the best thing for “your bum” is exercising, and she can’t live without her Victoria’s Secret underwear!

As for her new album, the music will be “happy and introspective,” she said. “It will be a nice combo of the light and dark.”

IDRIS ELBA, Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Movie for Luther

The actor addressed rumors he could play James Bond in a future installment, saying, “Of course I would be honored to play the part” if asked.

Elba added that he was particularly happy to meet Leonardo DiCaprio tonight.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS, Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical for My Week With Marilyn

The actress, who thanked her daughter Matilda in her acceptance speech, said, “There’s no part of my life that goes untouched by my daughter.”

She admitted Gervais had her laughing, adding, “Maybe my laughter will turn to tears.”

As for playing the iconic Marilyn Monroe, the hardest part “was just saying yes” and “taking on that responsibility.”

PETER DINKLAGE, Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie for “Games of Thrones”

The new dad has spent part of the evening texting his babysitter.

“Crying’s never killed anyone,” he quipped.

STEVEN SPIELBERG, Best Animated Film for The Adventures of Tin Tin

The famed director was there to support two of his films, Tin Tin and War Horse, but said he had no favorite.

“I can’t pick,” he said. “In my right mind I wouldn’t have released two movies within five days of each other. My 15-year-old likes Tin Tin and my 19-year-old like War Horse.”

While Robopocalypse will be his next directing project, Spielberg is already planning Tin Tin sequels. Peter Jackson will direct a second installment, while Spielberg wants to direct the third.

Asked who his heroes are, Spielberg said Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorcese.

JESSICA LANGE, Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie for “American Horror Story”

The hardest part of working on “American Horror Story” wasn’t the acting but “the hairdo.”

All the actors who return to the FX series will play a new character, but it remains to be seen if Lange will be among them. She is “considering a second season, though “nothing’s definite yet.”

And what scares the actress the most?

“Keeping my children safe,” she said.

CLAIRE DANES, Best Actress in a TV Drama for “Homeland”

Her role on “Homeland” has been a “blessing,” Danes said. “So layered, so dynamic.”

But, she added, “We should be very grateful that I’m not really in Homeland Security,” explaining that “we’re much safer that way.”

OCTAVIA SPENCER, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Drama

“These women we play are fictional but they represent scores of women,” the actress said of The Help.

The first-time winner added, “I’m living the dream of so many dreams. This is the ultimate party and I got the ultimate party favor.”

The actress also offered an apology.

“I’m sorry y’all but I got to kick them shoes off,” she said as she removed her Christian Loubitan heels.

MARTIN FREEMAN, Cecil B. DeMille Award

“All my life I wanted to be in movies,” he said, explaining he was on Broadway for 20 years.

The turning point came in 1986 when he won an audition for a movie called Street Smart, where he played a pimp.

Freeman had plenty of praise for Sidney Poitier, his “guiding star.” The actor is so honored Poitier “thinks of me as a friend.”


Jesse Tyler Ferguson said the show doesn’t try to be “heavy-handed” about featuring a blended family with a gay coupe.

“But if we can open people’s minds…” he said, as Julie Bowen added they are “cracking open the doors of country clubs.”

Of the anti-gay protest outside, Eric Stonestreet pointed out that everyone is America is allowed to express him or herself, even if they are “an idiot.”

Sofia Vergara admitted she was wearing her K-Mart brand underwear at the Emmys, but “tonight I’m not wearing any!”

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