Demi Moore Has New “Boy Toy”?

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“Just as Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men,’ has this young stud replaced Kutcher in Demi Moore’s love life?” asks RadarOnline, citing a composite photo of Moore and an unidentified young man inside a car.

Unable to answer its own question, or even supply the name of Moore’s supposed companion, the site writes, “We’re not sure, but given the actress’ past history of going for younger men, would it really surprise anyone?”

So, RadarOnline reports an unidentified ”young’un” may be her “new boy toy,” and doesn’t even provide a picture of the two together?

Well, unlike that blog, Gossip Cop actually took the time to find out whether there’s anything romantic going on between Moore and her reported pal, as the drama-hungry site suggests.

There is not.

A source extremely close to the Margin Call actress tells us, “This is not true at all.”

RadarOnline is wrong again, but considering their track record when it comes to reporting on Moore’s love life, does that really surprise anyone?

We have no doubt that rather than spending their time fact-checking, the editors of RadarOnline will bombard us with even more e-mails complaining about how we bust them.

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