David Beckham Prefers to Wear Briefs, Will Not Get Hair Transplant

(Telegraph/Alasdair McLellan)

David Beckham prefers briefs to boxers.

The revelation comes in a new Telegraph interview in which the soccer legend talks about his new underwear line with H&M.

“Briefs are what I mostly wear. When playing, definitely,” says Beckham, who explains that boxer shorts’ added material can be a nuisance under pants during busy daylight hours.

He adds, “But everyone’s different!”

For his own designs, set to debut in February, there are buttoned fly and supportive pouch options.

“I probably prefer the pouch to the fly, personally,” says Beckham.

Good to know.

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TV ads for the underwear seem to make Beckham blush.

“Seeing the video I thought, ‘Millions of people are going to see this. And, it’s, um, me, on a turntable, spinning, in my underwear,” he explains.

Beckham also addresses rumors that he’s beginning to lose his famous mane.

“Someone said I’d had a hair transplant,” he says. “There’s definitely nothing wrong with doing that, but I don’t think personally I would. If I do start showing signs of going bald, then I will shave it off. I’ve still got hair. I’m still fighting it!”

In fact, he recently considered going the Mr. Clean route – before wife Victoria stopped him.

Beckham says she told him, “It looks so good at the moment. Don’t do it.”

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