CLAIM: Kim Kardashian Got “Drunk” and Called Kris Humphries for “Hot Sex”

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Kim Kardashian Drunk Dials Kris Humphries On Christmas Eve,” reads a headline from HollywoodLife, which claims the reality star called her ex because she was “lusting after their hot sex!”


According to the blog, “Kim called Kris after having a little too much champagne on Christmas Eve to wish him a happy holidays.”

The silly site, which bases its story on an article from the equally questionable In Touch, then quotes a so-called source as saying, “Kim got very nervous and hung up.”

So, how does HollywoodLife know Kardashian was “lusting after their hot sex”?

It doesn’t.

The hacks at HollywoodLife completely made it up.

In fact, the whole story is fabricated.

Kardashian, who barely ever drinks, was NOT drunk on Christmas eve, and she did NOT call Humphries.

A source close to the reality star assures Gossip Cop that the HollywoodLife story is “absolutely NOT true.”

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