CLAIM: Jennifer Aniston ‘Pregnant & Alone’

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“Pregnant Jennifer Aniston is terrified that she’ll end up alone again, after her boyfriend Justin Theroux stormed out on her during a holiday getaway gone wrong,” reads the opening of this week’s Star magazine cover story.

Yes, the tabloid manages to squeeze two wrong claims into the very first sentence!

Theroux did not run out on Aniston over the holidays, and she is not pregnant.

But that’s not where Star’s claims end!

The “heated blowup” with Theroux allegedly left Aniston “so shaken,” she “broke down in tears and told her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, that she wants him back.”

Star says Aniston and Pitt had a long heart-to-heart (what, was the tabloid listening in?) during which the actress supposedly blurted out: “I miss you. I want you back!”

“Brad tried to soothe Jen by confessing that he and [Angelina Jolie] were also having problems,” a so-called “friend” tells the magazine. “He thought it would help Jen see that all couples have ups and downs, but now she’s thinking he’ll leave Angie for her.”

Oh, and one other thing.

When Theroux and Aniston appeared – together and happy – at a January 9 film screening, reports Star, she “conspicuously covered up her telltale baby bump.”


In other words, no one has actually seen Theroux and Aniston having a huge blowup, nor has anyone seen any signs that Aniston is pregnant.

That’s because neither is true.

As much as the tabloids want Aniston to be “pregnant and alone,” heartbroken over an alleged fight with Theroux and yearning for a reunion with Pitt… there’s no truth to any of this.

A source close to Aniston laughed off Star’s desperate speculation.

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