CLAIM: Angelina Jolie is Pregnant, 98 Pounds and Headed for Rehab

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Angelina Jolie is 98 pounds, pregnant and going to rehab, claims Star magazine.

It’s all part of the tabloid’s strategy of squeezing as many rumors into one cover story as possible!

According to “insiders” for Star, “Pregnant Angelina Jolie is facing a frightening health crisis that has her partner, Brad Pitt, begging her to get the help she desperately needs.”


The article starts with the premise that Jolie is “expecting the couple’s third biological child” (not true) but that her “weight has plummeted” (not true) and now Pitt is “urging her to enter rehab” (not true).

Star’s bogus story is filled out with the same endlessly repeated – and never validated – details about how exhausted Jolie’s responsibilities have left her, and how she’s “on the brink” of disaster.

One year ago, the same tabloid shamed itself with a bait-and-switch cover story claiming that a “heroin shocker” would land Jolie in “rehab.”

That allegation was nonsense, as have been a number of the mag’s recent stories about Jolie, including last week’s assertion that she and Pitt were about to “split.”

Exasperated sources close to the couple assure Gossip Cop that she is not pregnant, not going to rehab, and not down to 98 pounds.

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