Casey Anthony: Caylee Was Result of Rape


In just-released documents, Casey Anthony claims her deceased daughter Caylee was the probably the result of a 2004 date rape.

The theory is revealed in unsealed depositions taken from two doctors, Jeff Danziger and William Weitz, who conducted psychological evaluations with Anthony before she was acquitted of Caylee’s murder last July.

According to Weitz, Anthony told him she believed she may have been given a “spiked” drink at a party in late 2004, after which she “blacked out” and was impregnated.

Anthony did not know the name of the man who allegedly got her pregnant, nor did she claim to remember anything else from the night.

In a separate interview with Danziger, Anthony reportedly recounted a similar story, saying she had a couple of beers at the party but believed she could have been drugged before waking up semi-nude and, to her mind, pregnant.

The testimony reflects conversations in which Anthony indicated to the doctors that she never considered having an abortion or giving up Casey for adoption.

It seems a little curious that the date rape explanation was never made public until today.

While rape is a very, very, very serious matter – and almost always a matter of utmost privacy – Anthony’s lack of credibility on a host of issues is triggering debate on this one, too.

Do you believe Anthony’s version of events?

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