Beyonce’s Alleged “First Interview” Following Birth is Fake

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An alleged “WORLD EXCLUSIVE first interview” with Beyonce following the birth of her daughter is fake.

The Star UK claims the superstar spoke “exclusively” with the tabloid after she and Jay-Z welcomed baby Blue Ivy Cater into the world, but a rep confirms that she gave no such interview, and that Star UK‘s much-buzzed about scoop is totally illegitimate.

In the supposed “interview,” Beyonce is quoted as saying she had an “instant connection” with her new daughter and describing what it was like to hold Blue Ivy for the first time.

Meanwhile, Star UK is insisting the interview is genuine, telling Access Hollywood that it was obtained “from a reporter in the U.S.” who supposedly cobbled together the quotes from conversations with Beyonce before and after the birth.

But that’s simply not true.

Beyonce has not given any interviews to Star UK since giving birth.

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