Beyonce Stay at Hospital Prompts Health Department Investigation After Complaints


Beyonce’s birth and stay at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York has caused the state’s Health Department to possibly launch an investigation.

The probe began after the Health Department received complaints from families who claimed they were mistreated at hospital, as a result of Beyonce receiving VIP treatment.

Two families allege that they were kept from seeing their newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit because they were barred by security guards from entering that area of the hospital.

It seems the guards were not hospital employees, but instead extra security men hired by Beyonce and Jay-Z while she was at Lenox Hill giving birth to Blue Ivy.

The singer and rap mogul also had the hospital cover its security cameras with tape.

Peter Constantakes, a spokesman for the Health Department acknowledged to the New York Daily News, “We have received complaints,” and noted “Whenever we receive a complaint, we look into it. It’s not necessarily an investigation. It could be a review.”

“Most likely in this case, it would be an investigation,” added Constantakes.

The hospital could face a fine as a result.

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