Barbara Walters: I’m NOT In Bidding War With Oprah For Pippa Middleton Interview

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Barbara Walters took to the airwaves Monday morning to slam reports claiming she’s in a “bidding war” with Oprah Winfrey for an exclusive interview with Pippa Middleton.

The rumor, which started in the Mirror and was picked up by outlets like the New York Post and The Daily Beast, claims the “rival chat show heavyweights” are “‘pulling out all the stops’ to secure her as a guest for an hour-long special.”

The Mirror goes on to allege Walters “is pushing bosses to offer a six-figure deal for the chat” with Middleton, who is releasing a party-planning book later this year.

On “The View,” Walters said the reports are completely fabricated.

“It’s not true,” the veteran journalist said. “ABC News does not pay for interviews.”

She added, “To make it clear: Would I like to do the interview? Yes. I think she’s a charming, beautiful girl. Will I pay to do the interview? No.”

And there you have it!

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