50 Photos Of Khloe Kardashian Looking Nothing Like Her Sisters

Surely you've heard the rumors before: Khloe Kardashian is not actually a Kardashian. Now, the ex-wife of Robert Kardashian confirms the rumor to Star Magazine.

Today's edition of Star Magazine:

Today's edition of Star Magazine:

Seriously, Star Magazine: is that the best you can do? The following 50 examples do a better job proving your story.

A few select quotes from Ellen Kardashian:

"Khloe is not his kid -- he told me that after we got married. He just kind of looked at me and said [it] like it was a matter of fact. He said, 'Well, you know that Khloe's not really a Kardashian, don't you?' And I said…'OK,' and that was it."

"Khloe brought it up all the time. She looked nothing like the rest. She was tall, had a different shape, light hair, curly hair. Didn't look anything like the other three children."

"Robert did question the fact that Khloe was his. Any normal man would if they knew their wife had cheated on him."

"[But] he never would have considered a DNA test. He loved her very much."

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