10 Pieces Of Bible Fan Fiction

The Bible has inspired over 3,200 different pieces of Fan Fiction on FanFiction.net . I know. I was shocked too.

"Lucifer's Lover"

"Lucifer's Lover"

by Carina Pir

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Romance
Author Notes: "Mature Sexual Themes"

I have a secret. And I have to tell someone. But I cannot tell the demonic legions. Well, I could, but the amount of time I would spend punishing them for snickering would greatly reduce my relief at unburdening myself.

So that leaves you. Now, some of you might laugh. I know humans too well to believe otherwise. But before you do, just remember, my dears, that just like Santa Claus. . . I know when you are sleeping . . .and I know when you've been bad.

Oh, yes! I am more or less omniscient. Not like the Big Guy but, still, doesn't that just send chills up your spine? Wonderful spasms of sheer terror? Good, my darlings, good. I like to establish the playing field before I start the game.

And now for my secret.

I have taken a lover.

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"Take Me Into Your Ark"

"Take Me Into Your Ark"

by RoboCop Jane

Rating: M
Genre: Parody/Romance
Author Notes: "Rated M... no, seriously."

Jesus' eyes widened an imperceptible amount as he took in the sight of Noah, naked, before him.

Fumbling for something witty, he said, "So the ark's not the only bit of wood my father gave you."

Noah grinned – his grey eyes flashing in lust. "Your father isn't the only one who gives me wood."

Jesus laughed. "I can see that."

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